The Mother of His Children

He knelt on one knee. The tiny box appeared out of nowhere. My heart skipped a beat. This is

it…he’s going to ask me.

“Tina”, he said in the most loving voice, “Will you be the Mother of my children?”

Not exactly the question I anticipated but a far more superior one. This man was thinking of a

future. He trusted me to guide his home and shape his offspring. I saw him as the future I

dreamed of.


I Said Yes

We were married 3 months later. Ten years into the journey we were blessed to with six beautiful

baby boys. Four single births and a set of twins. My husband was a Senior Electrical Engineer

for a Holland Based Engineering firm. He was also the head deacon and worship leader. I was a

homeschool mom, Sunday school teacher, and the children’s activity coordinator at our church.

My whole life revolved around my children. Our lives were full of activity, excitement, and

service to God. Life was good and peaceful. Life was perfect.


Catastrophe Strikes

On March 7, 1999 we awoke to explosions, immense heat, and darkness. Oh my God the house

is on fire! My husband immediately throws me out of the window desperate to trying save his

family. I reenter the inferno in attempt to get to the 22 month twins who I knew could not follow

a fire safety plan. I am trapped by a burning book case. My oldest son grabbed his three younger

brothers and waited at the point. My husband is able to rescue them and they walk away by the

grace of God with only 1st and 2nd degree burns. The fire is so intense that my husband has to run

around the block and jump over the neighbor’s back fence to get to the nursery where the twins

were. He pulls one of the twins out. He is severely burned. Then the crushing blow happens.

The house caves in before my husband is able to rescue the last twin. We lose Amos on sight.

Me and the other twin suffer 3rd degree burns over 55% of our bodies. My husband is told we

would not make it.


Where Is My God

I awoke from a 2 month coma, intubated and in excruciating pain. My first thought: who lived?

My second thought: Where is my God? A common thought amongst Christians especially when

we are faced with adversity. God has taught me some valuable answers I would like to share with


 God never changes locations… he is in heaven in complete authority

 God is not abuser and helper……God is good

 Any experience a child of God has works together for good…..even the tragic ones

 We are not exempt from trial…….we are told to prepare for them

 God makes all things beautiful in his time… can come from ashes

Stay Encouraged

In your moment of trial…trust God. Your greatest pain can birth your most powerful purpose!