Music has been a healing balm and an encouragement to the soul since the beginning of time. Nothing speaks to the heart more powerfully than a song. Our worship and praise through song is a source of great joy.

I started writing lyrics when I was a child. While the rest of the family gathered around the television to watch sitcoms, I sat alone in my room creating songs as a form of self-expression. As the years have gone by I have created songs for plays, movies, and just plain fun.

I sometimes awaken from a dream with a complete song – title, lyrics, and melody. It is a gift from God, delivered by angels who sing over me as I sleep. Other times, I draw from my own life experiences.

Shellie Nichol, Christian artist and the CEO of Hope’s Not A Crime, recently interviewed me and afterwards we shared our personal missions and goals. When Shellie mentioned a need for a song about hope for a new CD project, I immediately responded with, “I can do that for you!”

The next day I thought about the time I needed hope the most. The lyrics and the tears flowed together as I remembered the despair I felt when I awakened from a two-month coma to realize all that I had lost. The house fire destroyed everything we had. It claimed the life of my precious 22 month-old son, Amos. His twin brother was severely injured and I was hurting, helpless, and hopeless.

And yet, hope was not dead. A small ember glowed deep within and life began anew. I began to sing a new song.

It is my hope that the songs I write will help lift others up out of despair so they too can sing again.

Amazing Hope It’s a Love Thing Working for the Lord He’s God