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  1. Heart, Beauty And True Confidence: The Blame Game

    Passing the buck. Sometimes we allow others to make us feel completely responsible for the problems in our businesses, friendships, or personal life affairs. The burden of guilt envelops us robbing us of the stamina we need to continue on. Then the wrestling match with the ‘What ifs’ begins in full force. ‘What ifs’ assault […]

  2. Heart, Beauty And True Confidence: Beauty Of Imperfection

    The beauty of imperfection Many people in our society today are over achievers. The burden of excellence somehow rests on our shoulders. We painstakingly strive for perfection in our homes, careers, and families. No matter the circumstance, misfortune, or situation, we are determined to make it on our own. But, what exactly is perfection? Is […]

  3. Heart, Beauty And True Confidence: Success In 2013

    The pens are out and the fresh tablets are ready. We are chugging away at our plans determined to make 2013 the most successful year of them all. Visionary boards are going up. Brainstorming sessions are in full bloom. We are forced to reckon with our decisions and attitudes from 2012, Anxiety is rising. The […]